The Wall of Answered Prayer

Friday 12th April 2019
Latest News from Quattro Design Architects

Quattro have sent in their second stage submission for the RIBA Competition ‘The Wall of Answered Prayer’ and will present their proposal next week in London, as one of the 4 remaining shortlisted schemes.

The RIBA Competition asked Architects to design a structure using a million bricks, each representing a story of answered prayer.

Quattro’s aim was to develop a soaring wall and a defined space, without creating a physical barrier.

Perceived as an ellipse or a circle, dependent on the angle of view, each one of these aspects lends themselves to being appreciated as an allegory responding to the visitor’s personal perspective.

As a circle, the shape can be perceived as the offering of a prayer, with the return of a supplied answer.

A public vote is currently being held to assist the final judging panel and closes on April 16th at noon. To vote for us please follow this link: