COVID-19: Getting Back To Work

Friday 12th June 2020
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So what’s next post pandemic?

The world is very different now and everyone’s adapting to our ‘new norm’: we’re in this together.

Jonathan White, Senior Associate at Quattro Design Architects, delivers his take on a post pandemic urban landscape in his latest insightful article.

“Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on us all. It’s now well documented how much the world has changed; how it may never be the same again and how we need to adapt…

This is part of the course; it’s evolution. We will adapt and the strange will become the norm.”

Jonathan has been speaking about the future of the High Street for quite some time now.

The wheels of development carry on during this COVID-19 crisis but what impact will the current pandemic have in terms of how our High Street and Workplaces will look?

“It’s becoming clearer that our ‘Future of the High Street’ message is more important than ever.

The retail landscape is changing…. A new culture will be born with spaces re-imagined. “

How will the High Street be changed post pandemic? How will everyone adapt to the new norm?

Check out Jonathan’s article to find out.

If you missed it, you can have a listen to Jonathan White’s High Street Property Forum seminar where he discussed his ‘Future of the High Street message’ here