Accessibility Statement

Quattro Design Architects recognise that many different forms of disability affect access to the web. We aim to improve our services to be available on a variety of platforms for our all our visitors in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Aims and Ambitions

Our primary aim is to provide web services that meet the needs of our all our visitors and offers accessible and inclusive website information and services.

We aim to drive forward enhancements, which will improve the visiting experience for all of our audience while working with current government guidelines.

New content applications Quattro Design Architects strive to ensure that all new website content, services and applications adhere to the minimum W3C 1 and 2 accessibility standards as much as possible. We are achieving this accessibility standard by:

• Performing pre and post publication checks against all html pages as part of the day to day publishing process

• By ensuring that new web content is clearly presented and written in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

Legacy content, services & applications We are identifying accessibility improvements on a regular basis and we looking to improve the accessibility of legacy content, services and applications by:

• Regularly reviewing our online content.

• Regularly testing our site for accessibility.