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Eco-Friendly Approach

We recognise that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment. Our mission is to design and deliver projects through a collaborative and responsible working culture that encourages staff, clients and end-users alike towards more positive and sustainable ways of life. Through our core principles, our environmental policy is designed to reduce our operational impact and maximise the sustainability of our designs. We ensure that all staff are trained in our environmental management policy and given guidance in its' implementation.

We continue to work hard to develop our expertise, by researching methods for improving the sustainability of construction in our projects. Sustainability appraisals ensure informed use of materials and reduction of environmental impact. BREEAM is often used from an early stage to guide the design and procurement through a wide range of sustainable issues. We prioritise the development of buildable solutions that minimise energy demand through: high levels of insulation, air tightness and thermal comfort, maximum use of natural light, low water usage and the full integration of renewables and passive thermal design to minimise carbon emissions.

Our sustainable design considers issues which impact on the future life of the building, including running cost and efficiency. We work through a wide range of environmental issues to deliver low-budget, sustainable solutions.

We strongly believe in specifying local materials, local products, engaging with local labour and working closely with local people; all of these factors help to build up sustainable communities, reducing waste and increasing value.

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Zero to Landfill

We are committed to disposing of all waste in a responsible manner, ensuring that we always comply with the Duty of Care Regulations. Any services used in the storage or disposal of waste must hold all appropriate licences. We attempt to reduce or eliminate the use of ozone depleting chemicals (CFC, Halon, 1.1.1 Trichloroethane, HCFC), tropical hardwood from forests which have not been independently certified as sustainable and use suppliers who are willing to take away packaging for re-use or recycling.

We try to reduce waste production and increase recycling as much as possible. In the office environment, paper is used sensibly, with measures to re-use or recycle waste paper and to increase the use of electronic communication.

This extends to our suppliers and sub-contractors, who comply with the requirements of our environmental management policy, alongside onsite environmental laws and regulations. For all of our schemes, site waste management plans provide a transparent approach to reducing waste during design and construction.


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Dragonboat Regatta

For the second year running in May 2018 we stepped up to the challenge of the annual charity fundraising Dragonboat Regatta at Gloucester Quays run by the Rotary Club of Gloucester Severn. This year the regatta was in aid of the James Hopkins Trust, who provide invaluable support for life threatened under 5s. Whilst we didn't manage to beat our time from the previous year or get through to the finals, our team did still manage to raise a worthwhile donation of £326.50 for such a great cause.

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Charity Bike Ride

In May 2018 five of Quattro's finest cyclists took part in the annual Mendip Cycle Challenge organised by our friends at Halsall. In total 38 cyclists took part and rode one of three routes around the hilly countryside. On the day £1278.62 was raised for Halsall's charity of the year 'The Southmead Hospital Charity', the charity raises money for projects which are beyond the remit of the NHS but which have a huge impact on the lives of patients.

Student Experience

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RIBA Student Mentoring

Quattro Design Architects welcomed 9 architecture students from the University of the West of England as part of the RIBA Student Mentorship Scheme 2017/18.

Joyce Clifford, Senior Associate at Quattro and Jennifer Huson, Project Architect, gave the students an overview of their project Shire Hall, Gloucester, explaining the design, processes of obtaining planning permission, tendering of works, completion of a working drawing package and the technical aspect of the project, as well as the architects role on site.

Students were then provided with a guided tour of Shire Hall with Jeremy Mann and Jenny Jones of Kier Construction, who discussed the phasing of works to mitigate disruption to the clients operational needs, the enhanced specification for the external cladding, and health and safety on site; touching on the process of ensuring that the scaffolding is safe against high winds, considering they are working on one of the tallest buildings in the City.

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Work Experience and Placements

We are committed to providing structured, informative and valuable work experience placements & sandwich placements, so that students can make the most of this new challenge and the opportunity to learn more about architecture and related roles in the construction industry.

We know that work experience can enhance the prospects of young people as well as help reduce youth unemployment and are committed to giving opportunities, enhancing skills and preparing students for recruitment and the workplace.

You can find out more about work experience at Quattro on our Careers page, where you can also apply for a placement within the company.

Careers Fairs and Presentations

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Ambitions Stroud

For the last 3 years we have supported Stroud District Council in their annual Ambitions fair which covers nearly 30 major employment sectors and invites over 1,100 year 9 students (13-14 year olds) from district schools. Through workshops and group discussions, the aim is to help the students explore the excitement and challenges of working life and the relevance that their school education has in reaching their dreams.

We also further help support the evening careers event that follows on from this, to which all students from year 10 upwards, parents and all interested adults are invited to browse different employment sectors.

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Archway School Workshop

We were invited by Archway School to deliver a 'Build a House' workshop to the year 7s, involving a case study of a site currently under construction by Aqua Construction.

We helped identify hidden job roles within the construction industry to students through set tasks. These highlighted construction roles involved in programming, project management, technical detailing, cost analysis, specialist trades, interior design and external landscaping. We were also accompanied by Stroud District Council Building Control who helped further a technical insight into the construction industry and the collaboration needed between many specialisms.