Historic Building Architects

Combining our heritage and conservation experience with our sustainable design ethos, Quattro has worked on a variety of heritage assets ranging from Scheduled Ancient Monuments, Listed buildings and projects within Conservation areas. We believe that conservation, sustainability and innovative design are inseparable and that the re-use of buildings is an integral part of creating sustainable architecture and supporting community identity.

Understanding what is special about a building or setting is critical to the success of a project. Our innovative approach is underpinned by a thorough understanding of a project’s past, present condition and future needs; this informs the preservation of the historic fabric whilst affording the opportunity to provide sensitive interventions which ensure the historic and commercial longevity of the building.

Historic buildings embody energy and carbon; they represent an environmental investment in our society. Our team of dedicated architects and sustainability specialists can assess and balance what is required for restoration and re-use, aiming to provide both the best historic fit and environmental solution for the building.