Assisted Living Care Home Architects

Assisted Living Care Homes (sometimes known as Extra Care Housing) generally offer more support than sheltered housing but still allows residents to live independently. Residents live in self-contained flats, with their own front doors, but staff are usually available up to 24 hours per day to provide personal care and support service

The term ‘Assisted Living’ also covers a wide range of personal circumstances where people are supported in more traditional housing types. The use of assisted living technology has developed significantly over the recent past with more and more people now able to support themselves longer by the assistance of technical devices.

At Quattro, our Care Home Architects understand the importance of working closely with clients and specialists to ensure the right level of technology within our schemes. Whether it’s the reassurance of a telecare system or adaptions to make bathrooms safer, we are enthusiastic advocates of intelligent design solutions to maximise independence and extend individuals’ participation within their communities, at work and within leisure and communal activities.

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See the housing LIN guide for further guidance on Assisted Living.