Premises Development Plan Architects

How can we support you?

At Quattro, we have a dedicated team of highly experienced Professionals to work with you on your project, who will work closely with your estates and Senior Leadership Teams to support the delivery of your school or college’s vision through the PDP process.

Quattro oversee this process from start to finish offering a single point of contact. With our range of further services, we can oversee the delivery of any projects thereafter supporting the estates team as needed.

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Why have a Premises Development Plan (PDP)?


  • A Premises Development Plan forms part of good estate management for schools
  • It provides structure and forward planning to estate development avoiding reactive works and unnecessary cost
  • A PDP improves the efficiency and organisation of any school, academy or college
  • It assists in managing and making best use of resource
  • There is a reduction in cost of refurbishment, construction projects and operational and maintenance costs
  • It offers strength to any funding opportunities as they arise