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Design is at the very core of our Architectural services and we are passionate about creating high quality and well informed design solutions for our clients and building users.

Our approach to design is typically through a small project team of skilled designers, who work closely and collaboratively with the client to understand their needs and vision.

Through careful evaluation of their requirements and examination of the project opportunities we are able to create a unique, striking proposal that is purposeful, engaging and efficient.

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Project Management

Our skilled Architects and Technical staff have a wealth of experience in delivering project management services within the public and private sectors. They play a pivotal role throughout the life of a project by managing risk, programming, reviewing tenders, setting change control procedures and contract administration.

Their engaging personalities ensure good interaction with all parties whilst energising and focusing the team to a successful project outcome.

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We have worked extensively with public bodies, partnerships and communities, creating masterplans that consider orientation, topography, vernacular architecture and commercial viability for neighbourhoods that incorporate high levels of mixed use, involving stakeholders from the private and public sectors.

We create innovative, sustainable and commercially successful solutions on urban and suburban rural sites.

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Our landscape designers have led on a diverse range of designs over the last decade, ranging from small to medium scale residential developments, specialist sensory landscapes for schools and hospitals to larger courtyards and gardens for the sole use of Extra Care housing residents, their families and visitors.

Our creative designers specify soft and hard landscaping to complement the use of the building, providing pleasing and manageable external spaces for clients and users, whilst maximising the ecological value of the site.

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Consultation and engagement with the full array of stakeholders is a fundamental part of our approach to design.

We firmly believe that the benefits of good consultation are far-reaching, in that it engenders a sense of ownership from which new developments benefit by being better planned, better understood, better liked and better cared for.

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Sustainability lies at the very heart of our thinking, and our ambition has always been to create built environments that minimize their impact on natural resourses. We work with each client to develop a comprehensive sustainable solution that is practical and appropriate to each project.

We firmly believe in getting the basic environmental design right and in using natural passive dynamics to reduce energy demand, creating the most enduring, cost effective and energy efficient buildings.

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Our 3D Visualisation team are a key ingredient to the success of our projects. They masterfully use 3D massing models, photorealistic images, 3D printed models, animations and Virtual Reality to test concept design theories, produce presentation and marketing material, and communicate design through every stage of a project.

With their involvement, the client and design team are able to achieve clarity and understanding of design through engineering beautifully sculptured visualisations, animations and models.

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We have fully embraced the working principles of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and have acquired substantial experience in BIM over the years, leading us to becoming one of the foremost practices in this area.

Our enormously skilled Architects and Technical staff create high quality, data relevant and detailed models to assist in the communication of design, delivery of construction information, and transfer of in-use building data.